ABOUT US – Pizzita Circle

At Pizzita Circle – it’s all about the dough! Our family-run eatery in the Chino & Chino Hills area is a unique concept that offers BOTH New York Style Pizza, & a unique take on some classic Mediterranean dishes, ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!


The art of baking thin & airy, delicious tasting New York style Pizza is in our blood...we are originally from NY. We took our Pizza expertise and applied it to baking unique Pita Bread to go with our take on Mediterranean cuisine.

We’ve added our touch to quite a few of the traditional dishes. Our freshly baked Pita Bread comes in not only the original White, but we’ve added Whole Wheat, Jalapeno, and Chipotle flavored Pita Bread to our menu as well.To go along with that home run of unique flavors we also have not only the original flavored Hummus, but also Jalapeno and Chipotle hummus for you to try as well.

With the various other options we have to offer, like our tabouli, baba ganoush, tzatziki, and whipped garlic butter, the number of combinations is endless. Create a different tasting Platter, Salad, or Pita Pocket Sandwich with every visit. Our Protein Choices for Platters, Salads, & Pita Sandwiches will also allow you to mix things up so you can surprise your taste buds every time.

You can choose to get Chicken Breast, Beef Sirloin, Lamb, Ground Beef, or a combination of two with any item on our menu. We also have a variety of vegetarian options to choose from like Falafels, a Veggie Skewer, or even the Impossible Patty.

All of our meat is Certified Halal, and for those who have other dietary restrictions, we offer Gluten Free and Vegan options as well!