FAQ – Pizzita Circle


No, they are not. We are PizzITA because we combined our love for both
Mediterranean Cuisine
(especially the PITA Bread)!

The ONLY item on our menu that contains nuts is the Baklava. We use pistacio and walnut in the baklava and prepare it in a seperate kitchen to ensure everything else on our menu stays nut FREE!

We serve our Platters & Rice Bowls with long grain white Basmati Rice!

Yes, ALL of our Hummus, Sauce, & Side options are VEGAN EXCEPT FOR THE TZATIKI SAUCE (since it is made with yogurt)!

Yes, you can! We have made the option available for online orders, and you can always request for vegan cheese over the phone or in person as well.

Yes, the dough for BOTH the pizza and pita bread is VEGAN!